The Christ, Ratu Adil & Satria Piningit–Revealed?! Part 4

Indonesia lengthy awaits the saviors, Satria Piningit and Ratu Adil to reveal-up at the political level to usher-within the Golden Age; and she secretly expects the saviors to “glorify” her before the alternative countries, just as different organizations or some different countries egotistically long for the equal issue. We would like to emphasize right here that emissaries from God do now not seem for the progress of a unmarried group, sect, state, and so forth.; the “angels” of God march on behalf of the spiritual unfoldment of humanity and the manifestation of God’s Will on Earth.

In this chapter we can discuss this subject of Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit in greater element that has simplest been touched upon formerly.

Ratu Adil

Ratu Adil, is the “Queen of Justice ” as translated into English. An progressed rendering might be “Goddess of Justice.” The goddess is also called Satrio Wirang with the aid of a few mystics. Many centuries in the past her creation and affect changed into prophesied by way of Jayabaya, or the ones appropriating his call, along with Pangeran Wijil who wrote the e book, “Jangka Jayabaya” in 1741.

Ever because the prediction turned into made there had been speculations as to the likely nature or even identification of the goddess, and additionally her companion, Christianity website Satria Piningit. There are those who consider that after the time is ripe Ratu Adil would incarnate and stay inside the physical world as a individual and set up justice in a chaotic and anarchic global.

R. Ng Ranggawarsita, a poet of the “Kraton Surakarta” as soon as wrote that a king could be born in Mecca with symbolic signs acting inclusive of the “Tujung Putih, Pudak Sinumpet,” or “White Lotus Flower, Hidden Bud.” The White Lotus Flower supposedly refers to Ratu Adil, whereas the Hidden Bud refers to Satria Piningit.

White lotus flora have continually signified spirituality or divinity to the historic Egyptians, Hindus, and other cultures. The symbolic signs above should well suggest that even though she is unveiled, she is yet hidden; or in different words, her have an effect on might be energetic inside the bodily global of guys however she herself will stay unseen, the reason being that she resides in a different measurement. When mystics point out Mecca, what they are definitely relating to is the Kabah, or House of God. In esoteric language, the Kabah symbolizes a excessive country of focus, or a lofty non secular estate. Considering then, Mecca along with the other symbols we might also cause Ratu Adil to be a divine, religious being, a goddess, functioning in a higher world unseen via the bodily senses, however energetic in directing her representatives to paintings on behalf of Truth, Freedom and Justice.

Some trust that the coming of Ratu Adil in reality method that at a future date justice could rule over our hearts and souls, and that our governments could put in force Justice and Truth because the voice in their respective country’s moral sense. We concur with this belief; but, it would marvel a few people to know that the Goddess of Justice, or Ratu Adil, does sincerely exist as a personal being and recognised to a few students of esotericism. She is a cosmic entity a long way more advanced than any “ideal” human being, consequently the title of “Goddess.” She is known the various individuals of the Spiritual Hierarchy and their unascended disciples as “Portia (Por-shia), the Goddess of Justice.”

According to notions right here in Indonesia, Ratu Adil is by some means associated with Satria Piningit. Western occultism helps this concept. Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit are genuinely what’s referred to as “Twin-Flames,” or “Twin-Spirits.” To explain in brief what Twin-Souls are according to western occultism: the real identity of guy is the Spirit, the divine spark of God in the microcosm. Theosophical college students call this the “Monad”. When the main Divine Spark first emerged from the parent-flame, or God, it consisted of two polarities, one masculine and the other female. These two polarities later separated into lesser Sparks, or Spirits. Each individual is that evolving Spirit of a sure polarity of 1 of these billions of Divine Sparks, and each people has a Twin-Spirit someplace within the universe. Though maximum people are currently separated from our Twin, we can unite with our “alter ego” while we’ve advanced to a certain level and fulfilled sure religious duties. Related to the precept of Twin-Flames are the Soul-mate and Karmic-mate standards; but, they’re irrelevant in this paper.

Portia, or Ratu Adil is one of the administrators of the Karmic Board, and as such she is known as a “Lord of Karma.” The Karmic Board performs an critical role in the evolution of humanity. The Board can be considered because the “higher law,” or God’s channel for executing divine justice, in contradistinction to the justice of mortal man who gleefully say that “justice is blind.”